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The 2019 Packaging Trends You Need To Be Considering

By 06/06/2019October 10th, 2019No Comments

Check out the innovative and fresh packaging trends you need to know for this year.

To evolve alongside changing styles and global packaging trends, businesses must take some time to analyse the tendencies that impact the packaging world the most.

So, if you’ve wondered what packaging trends are making an impact in 2019, we have compiled a list of the most influential we have seen so far this year. Get ready to see colour, graphics and material in exciting new ways.

Flat Illustrations

The origins of flat illustration link back to International Typographic Style (or as some know Swiss Style), which emerged in the 1920s, but surged in the mid 20th century. Flat illustrations are thriving in packaging design today. This packaging trend focuses on simple, colourful designs that provide overall minimalist packaging.

Furthermore, the illustrations are crisp, made up of simplified shapes and strips away three-dimensional shapes, making it ideal for printed packaging. But why is flat illustration a packaging trend? Well, it brings together the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Monochrome Packaging

Does the idea of stripping down your packaging palette to just two colours sound daunting? We know, but it isn’t as restrictive as you may think!

This packaging trend turns out to be a powerful and incredibly versatile style. Customers can’t ignore the stark contrast, separating your products between those on the shelf.

Many brands are now adopting a monochrome style in their packaging – an excellent example is GREK. The geometric pattern offers a clean, simple and unique combination of black and white. Perfect for catching customer’s attention. However, complexity while still being minimalist can be noted in Yoga Face’s packaging – different but still as successful.

This black and white packaging trend may represent itself as a challenge, however with guidance and the right application; a monochrome design can pack a punch.

Black and White pumps
Monochrome packaging trend example
GREK packaging trend
Black and White packaging trend

Nude, Muted Palettes

When we think of nude colours, we think of one colour. However, this is not the case. Nude is a complex mixture of peaches, rosy or ochre undertones. In 2019, we can see a shift towards an all-encompassing palette of neutrals. But it doesn’t stop there. As well as nudes, designers are embracing sepia and pastel colours.

This packaging trend is all about being soft and playful. 2019 brings an abundance of nude packages that combine with browns, blues, greys and whites. With the addition of clear white labels, the spotlight remains focused on the nude tones. It is clear these unique colour combinations and shapes is a trend that is here to stay.


A packaging trend that comes back year on year – and we can see why! More and more brands aim to strip back, being transparent for the customer. Therefore, the best way to do this is through packaging design.

Minimalist packaging involves removing everything non-essential with the substance or the product to being exposed. The core element is to let the packaging colour shine.

It is a challenging but yet rewarding task. It can turn something into a universal product that speaks to customers from all walks of life. Through functionality, simple shapes and patterns – your core message can be translated. Even though less is more is becoming a cliché – it is more valid than ever.

GAEA - minimalist Packaging
Minimalist Tubes
Minimalist Trend 2019

Vintage Inspired

Nostalgia, retro, vintage aesthetics are more popular than ever – especially within the food and drink sector.

Why is it so popular? It is quite simple really. It is all because vintage aesthetics convey authenticity. And this is reflected in both the look and feel of the product. From the usage of old fonts to illustrations, manuscript lettering and retro colour patterns – vintage-inspired packaging is being used to convey the impression of age and prestige.

Old is becoming the new within packaging trends for 2019. Therefore by returning to your roots, your packaging will never lose its appeal.

Connected Packaging

Connected packaging is the link between physical and digital. Have you ever seen a package with a QR code in it? That’s an example of connected packaging. This trend is seeing renewed interest, and it’s all because of technological advancements. Businesses now have numerous options to connect virtually with packaging – from QR codes, Bluetooth and augmented reality.

Through a vital link between physical and digital shopping worlds, brands can capitalise on connected packaging to influence their portrayal online. Together with delivering engaging content and product-specific information, businesses can influence purchasing decisions.

Packaging Trend - Connected Packaging

Finally, and most importantly – Plastic Free

In 2018, we saw the beginnings of this packaging trend. But, in the rest of 2019, it is set to go large scale. And here at Eastpac, we are taking steps to become climate neutral. With our products such as Kraft Paper, TopTwist Bags and eco-friendly rigid materials – you can reduce the amount of plastic your business uses quite easily!

Going plastic free is a growing trend that should be embraced by every business as much as possible. Take a look at some examples below.

2019 has demonstrated some fantastic packaging trends so far. From marvellous colour combinations to no colour at all, from minimalism to vintage styles, and from ingenious packaging solutions to plastic-free packaging. Want to wow with your packaging? Contact Eastpac today.