Packing Benches for the Modern Warehouse

Why not kick off 2020 with a review of 2019?

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Maximise Your Profitability


Custom designed packing stations mean that everything has a home, which means that the desk space is clear, allowing for a faster and more efficient process. With everything you need close to hand, and everything else out of the way, your staff won’t need to go looking for things they can’t find.


Agile Workspace Solution’s systems are designed to increase visibility as much as possible. This allows staff to check the orders at numerous different points along the process, therefore increasing the chances of picking out anomalies and mispicked orders, which will save you time and money with returns, restocking and replacement


Are you using your spaces and resources as effectively as possible? Agile Workspace Solution’s advisors have been able to assist numerous clients who were considering moving premises to see opportunities for expansion within their existing location, through an inside knowledge of the systems available and the environments that they’re suited for.

Packing benches are the key instrument to a successful e-commerce operation. Eastpac’s specialist Agile Workspace Solutions division knows and understands the constraints of a busy dispatch department, drawing from university research and published reports for the best solutions.