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Packaging for pallets

We offer a comprehensive range of quality-assured packaging materials and tools for shipping your pallets safely. Our product supply is always backed up by a friendly and knowledgeable team of assistants that are very willing to help with your questions.

Edge Boards

Hand Pallet Wrap

Edge Protectors are used to give strength to fragile pallets, and to protect the corners from impact and crushing while wrapping or strapping.

Gripfilm is the modern alternative to conventional palletwrap, giving industry-leading load retention and pallet stability. It is engineered to use 40% less plastic and reduce plastic waste.

Palletwrap is used to secure loads of cartons, materials or manufactured items to pallets. For high volume usage, Gripfilm has superseded conventional palletwrap.

Pallet Machinery


Pallet Machinery is used to speed up your workflow and increase load retention when you are packing in excess of 10 pallets per day from one location. For multi-location wrapping, Gripfilm is a comparable alternative.

Strapping is used on loads of unique shape, such as machinery and metalwork, as well as very heavy loads such as bricks and blocks.

Tape is often used to add company branding or a warning notice to pallets that require special attention.

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