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Paper Palletwrap for eco-concious supply chains

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Wrap pallets with paper: eradicate plastic in your distribution network

Thanks to new technology, manufacturers, distributors, and supply chain warehouses can now make a postive step towards reducing their plastic consumption with Paperwrap. Developed from high-strength, sustainably sourced paper, Paperwrap is a viable alternative to polythene palletwrapping films.

With 150m to the roll, each roll of Paperwrap will wrap 7 pallets in a sustainable, environmental way that has a far lower impact on the enivronment than polythene products. And rated with a holding capacity of 400kg, Paperwrap paper palletwrap is able to hold the majority of loads that transit through the UK’s distribution networks on a daily basis!

100% paper

paperwrap paper palletwrap is made completely from paper. This means that it’s impact on the environment is negigable, compared to plastic and polythene alternatives.

Holds up to 400kg

paperwrap, despite being made from 100% paper, is able to contain loads of up to 400kg. This is enough to cover the majority of loads traniting thoruhg the UK’s distribution networks.

Must be kept dry

Paperwrap works best when dry, as moisture can cause the bond between natural fibres to dissolve and weaken. However, the vast majority of distribution network centres are able to facilitate internal loading and unloading, protected from harmful elements such as rain and mist.