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Packaging for parcels

We offer a comprehensive range of quality-assured packaging materials and tools for shipping your parcels safely. Our product supply is always backed up by a friendly and knowledgeable team of assistants that are very willing to help with your questions.

Corner Protectors

Document Enclosed Wallets

Edge Boards

We offer a versatile range of quality cardboard boxes in various sizes. Bespoke sizes and styles available.

A wide range of different corner protectors for protecting objects from drop impact and knocks.

Self-adhesive plain and printed document wallets, for keeping dispatch paperwork with your parcels.

Cardboard edge protectors for parcels, pallets and products with fragile edges, for protection and impact cushioning.

Kraft Paper


Packing Labels

Machines and tools that are used  secure parcels faster and more efficiently than manual operations.

Kraft paper available as sheets and on the roll, for wrapping machine parts and other solid products.

Lose polystyrene void fill, for protecting large machined parts and milled components in transit.

A wide variety of message and hazard labels for use on finished goods and products, as well as packed cartons.

Protective sleeving


Pallet Strapping

Expandable protective sleeving for scratch and dent resistance. Commonly used on glass bottles, furniture and mechanical parts.

Quality staples for hammer tackers, staple guns, manual staplers and pneumatic staplers. Used for box and crate construction and sealing.

Parcel strapping is used for binding products and packages into one load, as well as for giving extra reinforcement to heavy, packed cartons.

Parcel tape is used for sealing cartons and packages, as well as showing a warning or branded messages to couriers and customers.


Silica Satchets

Water Activated Tape

Quality-assured Airsafe bubblewrap. Available in ‘Easytear’ and ‘Mono’ grades, for a wide variety of applications.

Environmentally-friendly paper strapping, used instead of plastic. Compatible with standard strapping machinery.

Moisture absorbing sachets available in many different sizes, for parcels, export crates and shipping containers.

Best suited for applications where security and parcel integrity are most important. Suitable for export shipping.

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