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How To Prepare For Peak Packaging Season

By 29/09/2020No Comments

Our top tips for preparing for peak packaging season in 2020

Can you be sure that your business is prepared for peak packaging season? Well, e-commerce is increasing in popularity, so it’s time to get ready for the busy months ahead.

Many e-commerce businesses have been caught up in the recent pandemic over the past several months, by reacting quickly to sudden spikes in demand. Even though these were impossible to predict or plan for, purchasing online may become the primary way of shopping. So with that in mind, the past few months, may not have been the busiest time of the year! Believe it not, Christmas is looming. Therefore, if you haven’t got a plan in place yet, it’s time to get planning for another period of high demand.

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Holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas bring a lot of challenges for companies, and this period is critical not only to be cost-effective but efficient. As a business, you need to keep the number of refunds to a minimum as this period is extremely time-sensitive. With a failure to get packages sent out at such a special time of the year, could lead to very unhappy customers.

Instead, peak packaging season is about organisation and analysing your shipping processes. Ultimately forward-thinking is the key to success. Therefore, in this blog, we have listed a few solutions to help your business prepare for the peak packaging season.

Our top tips help your business prepare for peak packaging season

1) Review last year’s performance

If you’re wondering where to start, begin with your preparation. By reviewing last year’s performance is an excellent place to start. Take a look at the data to predict what may happen this year. Look who was shopping as you should always be prepared for early shoppers. Don’t begin this process in November, as you will be fighting a losing battle. Never underestimate how organised some shoppers are. Therefore, always be organised in your business.

2) Be smart about your packaging materials

As we have discussed before, less is more when it comes to packaging materials. Overpacking items only adds expenses! Therefore, with the help of packaging experts and revolutionary products such as Ribtec, items can arrive at their destination in perfect condition, ready to be gifted. But most importantly, this is the most cost-effective way to ensure you have secure packaging materials, while not overspending this season.

3) Always prepare for the worst

A simple yet effective motto. But, always be prepared for anything and everything to happen. The more prepared you are for these issues, the better you will be ready to handle them when the time comes. By planning ahead with your packaging, you will be prepared for any problem to arise.

4) Make sure your team are trained

Although this may be obvious, comprehensive staff training help ensure packaging operations run smoothly. Even if this is with new and existing staff, when spikes in demand begin, there is no issue of employees being unsure of what to do.

In addition to training, prepare guides or posters around the workspace to remind workers of processes. Therefore, standards can be continually met, and mistakes are minimised.


5) Review your packaging area

Once you have looked at data, make sure to review your packaging process. By organising your picking area, your team can become more efficient, and as a result, you can accommodate higher demands.

Furthermore, check the packing area to ensure that workbenches contain everything needed to pack and that all packaging materials are to hand. Time can be lost if packers have to zig-zag through the warehouse for the supplies they need.


6) Consider automation

In the packaging industry, some facilities still spend several working hours taping, assembling boxes, void-filling boxes, packing, labelling and moving products out the warehouse door. With the peak season quickly approaching, look for automation opportunities that reduce package handling. This will increase throughput, reduce labour costs for temporary employees and allow you to focus more on customer satisfaction.


Ask the Eastpac experts…

We understand that peak packaging season can be a stressful time; therefore, if you’re preparing for the upcoming months and need some further assistance, get in touch with Eastpac. Our packaging experts are always available to chat about your processes and operations before the rush begins.