The Personal Approach To Packaging

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Over the last few years we have all seen some very good examples of personalised packaging from the larger and more well-known brands in the UK and across the world and in this blog post we thought we would look at some of these and maybe inspire you to go personal with the packaging for your business?

Coca-cola was the perfect example recently; they encouraged fans of their fizzy drink to share it with friends and covered their bottles with a wide selection of different names and it worked. As well as hundreds of thousands of other people we found ourselves scanning the shelves for our name and if we found a friend’s name we often found ourselves purchasing it for them too.

And how about Nutella; Around the Christmas period they launched their personalised Nutella range allowing chocolate spread fans to pay a premium and order the name of message of their choice on a jar of Nutella – the Nutella was the same as always, but as the label on the jar was personalised customers were willingly spending 3 times as much on the same jar of Nutella.

Snickers adverts state that they are the snack for when you are hungry and their packaging stated different ways people may feel when they are hungry. Snickers bar had words like Loopy and Irritable across their packaging and people were happy to buy these for friends, colleagues and family members when they wouldn’t normally – again, people were spending more money due to the packaging.

Not only were customers spending more money on products they already loved, new customers were trying out the products too as it was more exciting than other fizzy drinks or chocolate bars – and on top of all this it was all over social media. Customers were doing all the expensive and hard work of advertising; at no additional cost!

How can you personalise your ecommerce packaging or retail packaging to help your brand and business really stand out – and take over the world of social media so your customers can advertise your brand for you?