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Personalised packaging: the benefits and the considerations

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Packaging can sell your product, but this all comes down to your creativity. 

Personalised packaging, you can’t go wrong with it really can you?

Some of the biggest brands in human history are well known for creative and exciting packaging techniques. Take Coca-Cola for example, for Christmas they’ve cleverly made their labels transform into pretty red bows – now that’s some good thinking.

Whether you’re sending your goods directly to a customer, to retail or industrial clients, your packaging should still advertise your business.

Sometimes a brown envelope or cardboard box may be the easy option to deliver your products. However, make that packaging personalised, and the brand awareness could be something rewarding.

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Where do you start when it comes down to personalising your packaging?

Planning how you’d like your packaging to look is one of the most challenging steps. There are so many factors to consider, and you want to make sure you get the idea perfect.

Since the packaging will be reflecting your business, your graphics need to be attractive, memorable and practical.

Consider the colours you associate with your business

Cadburys uses purple, McDonald’s use red and yellow, what does your company use? Every business will have a ‘company colour’, and each one will represent a specific emotion.

When designing your packaging, be sure to include the colours you associate with your business, it is essential to keep your brand memorable, and this is one of the most significant contributors.


What are you trying to achieve?

Take Coca-Cola’s creative idea of publishing names on their bottles. This plan was to increase sales by getting involved with the consumer directly. However, maybe you’re looking to get a message across? Or perhaps you want brand awareness? Whatever you are trying to achieve, you can customise your packaging to help you do this.

Think outside-of-the-box (excuse the pun)

You could choose to make your packaging interactive or add a competition to engage your buyers. By offering something fun or exciting, you can convince many people to take an interest in your product. This awareness is most likely to promote higher sales and brand recognition.

Personalised packaging has always had a more significant impact than regular, mundane boxes and wrapping. With short attention spans and hundreds of competitors, you need something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Online Retailers Branded Packaging

What packaging is suitable to personalise?

Nearly all types of packaging can be printed on or shaped to add character to your products. From glass to plastic, you can use different materials in different ways to promote your packaging and thus your product.

If you’re personalising your packaging, it’s ideal to consider a material that is durable and preferably recyclable. By choosing such packaging, you are benefiting your customers and the environment, plus it is more economical for your business.

800x transit packaging

Creative packaging beats dull packaging, every time. 

If there were the same products, one in a red package the other in a brown one, which one would most likely catch your eye? It would be the red one of course. The more attractive packaging is, the more likely it will grab your consumer’s interest. 

With Christmas coming up it is definitely worth making your packaging festive, this makes your business have character, and people will engage with your efforts. But, don’t just follow Christmas; bare in mind Halloween, Easter and Valentines when keeping your product packaging interactive.

What impact does personalised packaging have on your business?

There are many advantages to transforming the look of your packaging for the better, the most obvious being brand awareness. If you want to get your name out there, it’s best to start with re-designing your packaging.

Keep On Their Minds

People remember Coca-Cola from the shape of their bottles; others remember brands by collectable packages. If you want people to remember you, you need to be innovative and out of the ordinary. Create interesting and fun packaging, and you could start improving your brand recognition. 

Improved Revenue

Increased sales are another benefit that can arise from using personalised packaging. Where you may have a steady ROI, you can improve this by adapting your packaging to achieve customer loyalty. However, customised packaging won’t only influence loyalties, and it can potentially bring you many new customers who may not have looked twice at your product previously.

Build A Personality

Again, the personalised packaging is useful for adding character to your brand name. If you want to create a positive impact on your audiences, you need to give your business personality. Slogans, puns or illustrations can be used cleverly to generate a fun character for your company name.

Make sure you choose the right packaging supplier

If you are looking into personalising your packaging, you need to make sure you buy your material from a trusted supplier. Eastpac is on your side in this case. We ensure we supply only the best quality packaging material for customers all over Peterborough.

We know what it takes to make a great brand with packaging that is why we guarantee to help you find the right and most suitable solution.

After finding the packaging you require, we will then take a look into your design brief and generate the perfect print. Once we have both come to a final decision, our professionals will manufacture your packaging, implementing the bespoke design.

Whether you’d like to personalise corrugated cardboard, plastics or other materials – Eastpac is your reputable professionals to help you do just this.

Get in touch today for more information and advice:

t: 01733-233-322