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Most picking systems we scrutinise reveal restrictions that can be removed to improve and enhance the overall effectiveness. It can result in speeding up operations, minimising the need for temporary staff and ensuring timely dispatch targets are met.

Does it matter how an order is picked? Why do picking systems matter?

Of all the process aspects that make up Warehousing, Picking is one of the sources of some of the biggest gains to be made in operational and cost efficiency. Processes such as pick method and picking routes often yield substantial savings under close scrutiny.

We are technicians trained to drive efficiencies

Cost efficiency is the lifeblood of every business, and many warehouse processes have little quirks to them that mean they are costing more than they should, therefore restricting your ability to invest it better elsewhere. An agile consultation will, however, show you where these quirks are and how you can release the capital that is tied up inside them, allowing you not only to drive cost, but speed. view our case studies to see how we’ve applied this to other companies like yours!

Trolley Render

Does your picking system need a makeover?

Or do you feel as if there is a vast number of improvements to be made? Contact our specialists Kieran and Graham to arrange a packing station consultancy. We want to help you achieve more.

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