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Do Damages And Poor Packaging Harm A Brand?

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Don’t Let Poor Packaging Ruin Your Brand,
Ensure Success

Victim of poor packaging and damaged deliveries? We can help you.

Does the condition of a box or shipping material really matter as long as the customer receives their product within a reasonable amount of time? YES!

A common sign of poor packaging is damage to the product. Whether it is the primary or secondary packaging, if it is not durable to withstand the conditions it faces a long its journey, it is unlikely the product will reach the consumer in excellent condition!

Poor packaging can be costly for manufacturers. If a product is damaged, this could result in you refunding the consumer or discounting the product to sell it. But, fundamentally, damaged packaging often deters customers from buying from you again, leading to a loss in sales.

But, Eastpac is here to help. Let us explain to you the most common poor packaging fails and how you can protect your brand.

The Scary Consequence Of Poor Product Packaging

Poor packaging and product damages are one of the hidden costs hidden in your packaging operation. Not only do they generate cost associated with replacing broken items, but you have also broken the customer’s trust.

Furthermore, in the digital world we live in, customers often choose social media and other review platforms to express their annoyance. As we all know, negative feedback can spread quickly, so it vital you provide the best service, first time.

So, with that in mind, let us tell you some of the most common shipping fails and how it could affect your company.

Size Of Packaging – Too Large Or Too Small

One of the most fundamental ways of avoiding packaging downtime is the creation of a preventive maintenance schedule. In busy factories, it’s all too easy for regular maintenance to get neglected. The problem is that regular use takes a significant toll on equipment, and so without proper maintenance, things are bound to shut down. But, by completing regular maintenance checks on your packaging line and machinery, you will be able to identify smaller concerns before they become a significant issue.

What we would suggest is to create a list of maintenance checks that need to be completed and if you will do them monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. Additionally, practice regular, on-going preventative maintenance strategies — everything from adding appropriate lubricants to clearing off dust accumulation is essential for keeping machines from breaking down.

Effective Packaging and Poor Packaging

The Reputation Of Your Brand

In addition to potential financial costs, brand reputation is can also be harmed. High quality and attractive packaging are expected these days, with consumers having high expectations from standards set by large brands such as Apple. If you deliver flimsy or impractical, customers will be deterred from repeat purchases.

To prevent poor packaging, consider these consumer expectations. In competitive markets, the branding and packaging of a product can have enormous consequences.

Shipping Process

This is usually the culprit when it comes to damaged packaging. If an item is only “protected” by wrapping, and not boxed, it is more likely to be dented, crushed or torn. There are also issues of outdoor elements, such as dirt and water to contend with!

However, numerous packaging materials – such as pallet wrap and shrink-wrap – can offer the perfect solution. Durable materials can ensure poor packaging doesn’t affect your business and protect you from all the problem mentioned above.

E-commerce Packaging

How To Reduce Product Damage And Protect Your Brand

So, to ensure your parcels arrive in their prime condition, we have provided a few tips. By following the few suggestions below, you can save your brand from negative reviews and unnecessary costs.

Never Overpack

Using too much packaging can be as bad as insufficient cushioning! Overfilled parcels can easily burst in transit, not to mention added transport costs for shipping extra weight…

Therefore, by evaluating your existing box sizes will help you better cater to the needs of individual products in your range.

Use Suitable Packaging For The Job

Think about your product’s destination, storage and the conditions it’s going to travel in. Some packaging tape can perform differently in colder temperatures, leaving your parcel vulnerable to damage and pilfering. Plus, will it be a long journey or a short trip? These questions will help determine packaging materials.

Our packaging range Securapac is ideal for transit journeys. Including air packaging bags and cardboard protectors, we can offer numerous supplies to ensure your products remain in perfect condition.

Consider New Packaging Solutions

Are you a business that often receives negative review regarding poor packaging? If the answer is yes, your current packaging does not offer the level of protection your products require! Therefore, it’s time to look for alternatives.

However, if you are unsure if you need new packaging, let us help. We can review your current situation and packaging operation and evaluate where we can make improvements! Our specialist will help you gain guaranteed quality packaging results to impress customers.

Just remember, you have worked too hard to attract a customer, so don’t lose them to damaged or poor packaging! Contact Eastpac today to see how we can help you reduce product damage, avoid costly returns and protect brand reputation.