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If you are looking for printed packaging, personalised packaging or retail packaging in the form of printed carriers, stickers or ribbons then you have come to the right place. Here at Eastpac we are an established and trusted printed retail packaging supplier, supplying shops all over the UK with their personalised packaging and printed packaging products.

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    Since the introduction of the carrier bag tax, retail businesses have been looking for other ways that they can offer their customers a carrier bag, without having to charge the standard 5p or higher costs.

    Suprise your customer

    Bag charges are still a nasty shock to the consumer’s system! It is a lovely surprise for a customer nowadays to get to the till and only pay for the products they have chosen in-store and not for a bag too.

    Make an enjoyable process

    By supplying printed paper carrier bags free of charge, or a canvas bag that your customer can keep or re-use for shopping trips to come, you are making the purchasing process a much more enjoyable experience.

    When you use printed carriers and personalised packaging such as stickers and ribbons you are saying to your customer that their business is important to you and that you think they are special – who doesn’t want to be made to feel like they are special?

    The benefits of printed retail packaging really are endless; your customer wants to show off what they’ve bought to their friends over lunch or coffee so they see the un-packaging experience as their friend takes the personalised packaging tissue paper, with a shop logo sticker and branded ribbon put of the printed carrier. The friend wants that experience themselves which means they want to make a purchase from your shop too.

    Your customer may be so impressed with the personalised packaging that they share pictures of it on social media, meaning they are doing part of your marketing for you. And, of course, they are carrying your printed carriers around the high street, meaning your customer is now a walking bill-board for you.


    When you choose Eastpac for your printed retail packaging you will be listened to and then advised on the best-personalised packaging options for you, you will be given guidance on the carrier bag tax situation and we can store or deliver your printed retail packaging at times and in ways that suit you and your business needs.

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