Smartseal - Eastpac's Packing Tape & Package Sealing Range

Packaging Tape supplied by Eastpac

Packaging Tape is an essential postal and packaging product. Our premium quality tape has been designed and developed to find the right solution, whatever the nature of your application.

Why do I need to use packaging tape?

Tough, durable and reliable, our huge range of top quality packaging tape is quite something to take in! In addition to this, it comes in various widths and a whole range of thicknesses (measured in microns).

The perfect tape for moving, packing, and shipping, our quality parcel tape is ideal for a wide range of organisations.

What is our range of tapes?

We have an expansive stock range of coloured, clear, brown and message packing tape.

General-purpose packaging tape is extremely versatile, in other words, it is able to be put to use throughout your organisation to make life easier for you and your workers. It will also ensure that goods arrive safe and secure. Made from high-quality material, including a quality grade polypropylene, our clear and brown packaging tape guarantees safety and security. We can also supply low noise, which is great if you are using tape where the benefits of reducing noise and in the workspace are important.

Alongside our extensive selection of standard printed tapes, we also stock tapes featuring the words 'fragile' and 'handle with care'.

However, to meet all of your business requirements, printed tape may be the best for you, offering safety and security and advertising your brand at the same time – what could be better!! Performance and great value come as standard with our custom parcel tape, after that, the colour, logo and additional specifications can be tailored to your exact business needs.

Above all, Our speciality range continues with…

  • E-tape
  • Gummed Paper Tape
  • Cleanroom Construction Tape
  • Machine Packaging Tape
  • Kraft Paper Tape (ideal for picture framing)
  • Cross Weave Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Silver cloth tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Lane marking tape
  • Strapping tape

In conclusion, if you want to understand more about our tape range, call our office on 01733 233 322.