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GRIPfilm – Eco-Friendly Pallet Wrapping

GRIPfilm is the modern alternative to conventional stretch wrap. Its self-tightening properties allow you to properly secure every pallet that you dispatch.

The skid plate is designed to be dragged on the floor. This means that you can get a proper connection between the load and the pallet base. In addition, the dual-position GRIP handles allow you to use one hand to wrap the top and bottom of the pallet, whilst walking forwards and not bending down!

GRIPfilm is in use by SMEs, nationwide businesses and Global Shippers around the world from Australia to America. Therefore, they’re saving time, waste and money with every roll they use. The fact that GRIPfilm can be run clean to the core has saved clients around 10% of their annual Palletwrap spend, not to mention the fact that the core can be recycled as clean cardboard without being contaminated with waste plastic. Then it’s a matter of seconds to change the roll, simply untwisting the speed thread, removing the core and loading a new one, and another quick twist to secure. It couldn’t be easier! With a weight of 800g, equivalent to a tape gun, the GRIPfilm applicator system is the modern tool for wrapping pallets; No more loose loads!

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