120G Clear Layflat Tubing


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Polythene Tubing, ideal for creating custom sized bags when used with the Impulse Bag Heat Sealer.

120gauge Clear Layflat Tubing – Polythene Packaging Solutions

Specially designed for mail order companies and other Industrial packing lines.

Clear polythene is good as the customer can see the product inside the packaging, meaning that they can easily identify the item.

In addition to this, Clear Layflat Tubing is good for packaging up long thin objects as although the polythene has a set width, the length can be determined by the user.

Provides an effective yet minimalistic protection for your goods, so it isn’t bulky when it arrives to the customer. Using too much packaging is one of the top 3 packaging peeves. https://eastpac.co.uk/your-customers-top-three-packaging-peeves-packaging/


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75mm (3") x 688m, 300mm (12") x 688m, 500mm (20") x 688m, 900mm (36") x 688m

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