Blown hand pallet film (Box of 6 rolls)


This light-duty hand pallet wrap film is ideal for wrapping pallets with lightweight, consistent loads. Clear in colour, the ‘cast’ feature means that it is sticky on one side only, allowing it to tack to the product that you wrap, as well as itself where the layers overlap, without sticking to the pallet next to it on the lorry or the rack, which can create difficulty when unloading it. The extended core allows for easy gripping with both hands when wrapping pallets.

Don’t like the idea of bending down or walking backwards? Try our unique Gripfilm!

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Blown film like this is ‘sticky’ on both sides and also sticks to itself which makes ideal for wrapping irregular shaped items as it moulds better to the contours and varying dimensions. This hand strech film and plastic wrapping is used as the traditional method of wrapping pallets to secure mutiple items and loads for safe dispatch to clients.

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17micron (Light Duty), 25micron (Medium Duty), 30micron (Heavy Duty), 34micron (Heavy Duty)

Core Style

Standard/flush, Extended


Clear, Black, Blue Tint (Food & Pharmaceutical)


400mm, 500mm


300m, 250m, 200m

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