ActivaWrap Starter Pack


ActivaWrap is an 100% environmentally friendly die-cut paper that, despite its small appearance, produces the equivalent of 3 rolls of 50 meter bubble wrap! With the expandable honeycomb-like structure, the roll is far more compact than other packing and wrapping solutions therefore making storage of it easy. It is self-securing and requires no tape or glue to fix the ends into place. The ultimate alternative to bubble wrap, ActivaWrap’s 3D structure creates good shock protection for fragile items and products. It is ideal for wrapping a wide variety of products and keeps them stable and protected during transit. ActivaWrap gives your product the edge with its eco-friendly status.

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  • Ideal for smaller companies with less storage space
  • Very good for shock protection
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Self-securing for the perfect presentation so no tape or glue required!
  • Because of the die-cut design, the wrap produces the equivalent of three rolls of 50 meter bubble wrap
  • 15kg, 250 meters long, and 380mm wide
  • Natural colour because of the eco-friendly
  • £235.00 for 2 rolls of wrap and 1 high quality metal dispenser


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