Anglepost – 70x70mm footprint, length 770mm+


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Anglepost are made from PVA bonded kraft edge boards. These are used to protect the corners of large and palletised goods from strapping and low-impact damage.

Our Angleposts are available in a range of standard lengths and special lengths cut to order

The innovative design of the anglepost uses less paper, and is stronger than the competition.

Nagel Paper is pleased to announce a new approach to product packaging and protection. Anglepost ™ is a revolutionary, high-strength and patented design, engineered to reduce both product damage and cost.


Stronger: Stack higher for longer! The Anglepost™ system can hold thousands of pounds axially. The increased profile surface area helps to distribute the stacking load for superior results.

Lower Cost: The innovative design uses less paper, and is far stronger than that of our competition. Labor is reduced by using singular pieces to perform multiple functions. The ability to stack Anglepost™ higher reduces storage/warehouse space and cost.

Reduce Damage: The Anglepost™ system offers a built-in spring design for superior side-impact/clamp protection. Surface abrasion can be reduced with our available coatings, designed with painted or delicate areas in mind.

Buffer ZoneAnglepost™ creates space between carton and product, offering complete protection.

Versatile: Engineered to meet customer specifications, we offer printable outer-wrap, as well as a wide range of thicknesses, sizes and strengths.

Recyclable: Here at Nagel Paper, we do what we can to protect our environment. As a result, Anglepost™ is manufactured using 100% recycled paper.

Typical Applications:

    • Appliances
    • HVAC
    • Industrial Set-up Boxes
    • Automotive
    • Kitchen and Bath
    • Office Furniture
    • Outdoor Equipment


We will work with you to find engineered solutions to all of your packaging challenges.

  • Printing – Part numbers, date codes, color-coding and more.
  • Sizes – Designed to meet the customer’s specific profiles and length requirements.
  • Strength – Engineered to resist thousands of pounds, meeting the most demanding packaging challenges.

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