Composite Polyester Strapping


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Corded strapping is a very-high-strength strapping, commonly used for bricks, stoneworks, and similar masonry items.

Corded strapping is ideal for many types of loads because it is moisture and UV resistant. As well as its elongation recovery also means it is ideal for securing products during long transit journeys. Corded strapping also has soft edges which means it can fit smoothly around packages of all shapes and sizes. Even the most awkward of shapes will kept secure during transit with corded strapping.


Composite strapping features a plastic coating that increases it’s abrasion resistance and rigidity, making it easier to feed through a pallet frame.

For more information about other types of strapping that may work for you please click here.

  • Plastic coated cord polyester
  • 200mm x 190mm cardboard core
  • 2 rolls per case
  • best choice for high-abrasive surfaces
  • high rigidity for through-pallet feeding
  • Use with Buckles for optimum system strength

Break Strain is the force required to break strap when placed under pressure along its length.

System Strength is the maximum force sustainable by the combination of strap and buckle. Woven strapping may have a lower break strain (one length) than other strapping but the system strength (a full loop and a buckle) is considerably higher.

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13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 34mm

Length On The Roll

1100m, 850m, 700m, 650m, 500m, 400m

Breaking Strain

290kg, 410kg, 450kg, 550kg, 785kg, 1400kg

System Strength

493kg, 697kg, 765kg, 935kg, 1335kg, 2380kg

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