Custom Polystyrene Packaging


Custom polystyrene packaging, CNC machined to suit your bespoke packaging needs. Polystyrene packaging has a wealth of benefits, it enables you to give your products full protection, ensuring that they arrive, undamaged, at their destination. Custom polystyrene packaging can also be used to insulate any temperature-sensitive products.

We have the capabilities to CNC polystyrene of all grades (EPS and XPS), within the dimensions: 2500mm long x 1250 wide x 1250mm height.

Any 2D profile can be cut from simple CAD files and any, more complicated, shapes can be also be cut in two operations, cutting one profile – rotating the material and cutting the second. It is also possible to make special shapes from more than 1 piece of material. Furthermore, we have the capacity to make cones and more complex 3D shapes, (eg, balustrade, column designs, spheres, etc).

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