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Fashion Carrier Bags are ideal for retailers who want to give a quality image to their customers. They allow you to give your customer an easy, lightweight, yet reusable way to take their purchase home. Why not get your brand out there and create a form of advertisement for your business? Customers can leave your high street store with your logo and spread it everywhere.


  • Waterproof
  • Reusable
  • Strong
  • Personalisable

These make them ideal for many applications, including clothing stores, alcohol shops, pet shops, gift bags, giveaways, markets and fairs. This is because they are durable, strong enough to last being carried around for a long time and can stand the test of time.

They also come in a variety of colours: Silver, Clear, White, Black, Harrods Green, Ivory, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Gold, White. Also, we stock a sale design carrier just for when you go on sale.

If you like the concept of a Fashion Carrier Bag but want to get more personal, we also custom print Fashion Carrier Bags. We are also able to offer an alternative option which is more environmentally friendly, the Brown Paper Twist Top Bags. Furthermore, we offer our high street clients additional extras such as till rolls, tissue paper, ribbons and wrapping.

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White Patch Handle Carrier Bags, Vari-Gauge Carrier Bags


Burgundy, Dark Blue, Gold, Harrods Green, Ivory, Black, Silver, Clear, White, Sale Design Red/White


10x12x4", 12x12x4", 15x18x3", 22x18x3", 8×12", 15x18x3", 10x16x4", 22x18x3", 28x24x4", 27x22x4", 29x16x3"


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