large Cap (25mm) Bubblewrap


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100m / roll small cap bubblewrap

Bubblewrap is a well-known packing material, having been around since 1957, and is used by manufacturers and retailers alike to protect their products.

Due to it’s high-wear tolerance, bubblewrap is ideal for glass, bottles, jars, furniture, ironwork andย  items that need extra protection.

Tips on choosing the right bubble size!

Large Bubble (25mm): Larger bubbles give more protection and are ideal for ceramic or glass-based products.

Small Bubble (10mm): Smaller bubbles are the standard bubble size and better suited to items that need a denser protection, such as steel products or furniture

The main advantages of using bubblewrap as a packaging product are:

  • It is an affordable option for filling voids.
  • Bubble Wrap offers a sufficient level of protection for fragile items, with two bubble sizes allowing flexibility in the level of protection according to what is required.
  • Bubblewrap is very versatile, making it ideal for interleaving, wrapping and cushioning breakable or easy damaged items.

To find out more regarding the pros & cons of plastic vs paper void fill products, click here.

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300mm (bundle of 5 rolls), 500mm (bundle of 3 rolls), 750mm (bundle of 2 rolls), 1500mm

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