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Pacplan Anti Fatigue Safety Mats bring multiple benefits to industrial packaging lines. They are designed to make your packing line more efficient and effective.

With millions of employees spending the majority of their day on their feet, many people will develop serious health conditions. This can lead to a decrease in productivity and overall morale of the workplace as the employees aren’t comfortable.  This is due to lack of equipment in place to reduce fatigue.

A report in 2017 showed that 25% of all sick days taken by employees are due to back pain.

The Pacplan Anti Fatigue Safety Mats reduce pressure on the lower back through ingenious ergonomic design. This is a result of the cushioned surface of the Anti Fatigue Mat against the hard concrete floor. As a result of this, your employees will become healthier and therefore work more efficiently. In addition to this, the Pacplan Anti Fatigue Safety Mats have a non-slip surface. Therefore there is a smaller risk to your employees of slipping due accidental spillages of grease, oils and water.

But when workers inevitably must stand up to do their job there’s still high risk of fatigue and injury. We recommend installing Anti Fatigue matting an all areas where operators are likely to stand for significant periods of time.

Anti Fatigue Mats are ideal to ensure operators have a safe and secure workstation. One example of how your Anti Fatigue Mat would be a benefit is that the raised diamond surface of the mat stimulates cyclic muscle contractions which therefore leads to better blood flow around the body to vital organs.


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