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Pallet wrap machines are used to gain a superior load stability and are increasing in popularity for companies that send out 15 pallets or more per day from one location. If you are wrapping pallets in multiple locations, Eastpac’s brand Gripfilm can achieve a similar result to other pallet shrink-wrap films with more flexibility; please see here: see a video below:


ROBOPAC, under their parent company Aetna Group, is the largest manufacturer of pallet wrap machines in the world.

  • All Robopac wrap machines comply fully with, and in some cases exceed, current UK and European Health and Safety Regulations (UK HSE Guidance Note HG5 76, BS5304 and CE).
  • Robopac are one of the very few to have accreditation to IS0 9001 for the design and manufacture of pallet wrap machines.
  • Service Engineers cover all of the UK and Ireland, and maintenance contracts are available on all machines.
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  • 1650mm Turntable
  • 2000kg load capacity on turntable
  • Indexed turntable stops in same position after every wrap.
  • Variable turntable speed. 5-12rpm.
  • Soft Start for Unstable Loads
  • 500mm between turntable & fixed machine parts or film carriage. (As recommended by Health & Safety).
  • Photo Cell for Automatic Height Sensing
  • 2200mm wrap height
  • Drop on Film Loading Spindle (No Tools required).
  • Fast Feed Film System
  • Pressure Sensitive Safety Device on base of Film Carriage.
  • Mains Isolator Switch.
  • Forklift Locations for Easy and Safe Machine Movement.
  • Film banding facility
  • Rounded Profiles no sharp edges or corners.
  • 3-Year parts warranty.

In addition to the features above, this machine is fitted with a Power Pre-Stretch film carriage. This has the quick loading system for easy film threading, 250% stretch and variable “Lay on Force”.

The following parameters are adjustable from the control panel:

  • Bottom wraps
  • Top wraps
  • Rotation speed
  • Carriage Speed variable up and down
  • Full wrapping cycle (up and down)
  • Single wrapping cycle (up only)
  • Single wrapping cycle (down only)
  • Manual option available
  • Top sheet cycle
  • 6 storable programmes

There is also a Film Banding facility, to allow extra wrap at any point on the pallet that requires strengthening.

Standard voltage:                        230 volt single phase supply

Installed power                            1.4KW

Absorbed current                        4.8amp

Guarantee: Robopac 3-Year parts Warranty.

Availability: Normally Ex-Stock

Exclusions: No civil work is included in these prices. All mains power and any compressed air supplies to be brought to the vicinity of the control panel by customer.

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