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The type and grade of pallet wrap you chose can and will affect not only how much it costs you to wrap each pallet, but how secure or stable your load will be. It’s worth noting, that a load lost in transit can cost far more  than upgrading to the correct type of film. This is the traditional product for wrapping pallets to secure loads, also commonly known as clingwrap or stretchwrap. We also offer an alternative, GRIPfilm, which can save you time and money. To find out more about this innovative product, click here.

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Pallet Wrap – in stock to buy today! The traditional method of wrapping pallets to secure the loads. Also known as clingwrap or stretchwrap.  Types of pallet wrap are as follows:

  • Cast: Cast film is ‘sticky’ on the inside only. It will cling to the products being wrapped, but means that wrapped pallets won’t stick to each other.
  • Blown: Blown film is ‘sticky’ on both sides & sticks to itself, making it ideal for wrapping irregular shaped items as it moulds better to the contours and varying dimensions.

There are also a number of variables to consider when choosing pallet wrap, including the following:


  • Light duty – Performance equivalent of a traditional 17-micron film. Ideal for regular shape, light duty goods, preferably boxed.
  • Medium duty – Suitable for heavier, regular shaped and stacked pallets.
  • Heavy Duty – Used for irregular shaped or sharp cornered loads, such as metalwork and fabrications.

Clear or coloured film – Colour does not affect performance, so is often a matter of choice. Clear is the most common, with coloured film (usually black or white) used where the loads need to be obscured or concealed, such as high value goods. Blue tint is most commonly used in food applications. Other colours are available as tints or full opacity as a bespoke product.

Core Length

  • Extended cores allow you to apply the film by hand, without the need for a dispenser.
  • Flush cores are used with a dispenser.

Machine Wrap – this is wrap specifically sized for use on automatic and semi-automatic palletwrappers.

We also offer an alternative, GRIPfilm, which can save you money & time. Find out more about GRIPfilm here.

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