Paper Top Twist Carriers


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Paper Top Twist Carriers have always been a popular bagging item.

The box-shaped design of a Paper Top Twist Carrier allows them to stand upright and hold more goods at once. When compared to plastic, although they arent as durable, they are much safer.

Paper bags have become well recognized and reputable in to today’s market. Customers appreciate companies who echo their own values of being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Paper Top Twist Carriers are both recycleable and biodegradable.

Paper bags can also easily be printed up to include branding. These then in turn provide the business with free advertising as the customer uses that bag again and again.

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Brown, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Red, White


190x80x210mm [7"], 240x110x310mm [10"], 320x140x420mm [13"], 400x160x450mm [16"], 450x170x480mm [18"], 540x150x490mm [22"]


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