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100% paper palletwrap suitable for use in distribution and logistics functions. Works best on pallets that are square and uniform, up to 400kg in weight.

Paperwrap is a environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic stretch film used to wrap and contain loads in shipping and storage. The paper solution is creped, which makes it flexible, stretchable and highly resistant to tearing. These features position Paperwrap as an ideal packaging solution for stretch wrapping and the protection of various regular shapes.


• Fully recyclable and made from
responsibly managed forests.
• Creped for added elasticity, cushioning
and formability.
• Lightweight rolls provide easy storage,
handling and efficient pallet wrapping.
• Compatible with standard hand pallet
wrap dispensers.


• Suitable for various requirements and
palletized load units.
• Wrapping and protection of elongated,
irregular or complex shaped parts.
• Filler for stuffing boxes, filling voids and
providing protective cushioning.
• Warehouse and distribution centers

Kraft Natural Colour, 500mm x 150m 30% Stretch 3.7kg Roll. 2 rolls/Carton

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