Polyester Strapping (Plastic Reel)


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Polyester strapping is a high strength plastic alternative for steel strapping, often used for metalwork, machinery, and masonry. Plastic strapping is ideal for products while in transport or storage as the strapping will keep items securely fastened in place.

Plastic strapping is ideal for many types of loads because it is moisture and UV resistant which reduces the risk of rust. Its stretch recovery also means it is ideal for securing produce during long transit journeys. Plastic strapping also has soft edges which means it can fit smoothly around packages of all shapes and sizes. Even the most awkward of shapes will kept secure during transit with plastic strapping.

We would even recommend plastic strapping if you have a fragile load that will be prone to devaluation if scratched. This is because plastic strapping offers an effective solution to the welfare and safety of your items.

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Additional information

Strap Width

12mm, 12.5mm, 16mm

Strap Thickness

0.55mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm

Colour & Texture

Green Embossed, Black Embossed

Coil Length

1250m, 1000m, 750m

Breaking Strain

270kg, 310kg, 580kg

Coils per pallet


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