Water Activated Tape | Reinforced | Environmentally Friendly


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Our Water Activated Tape provides an eco-friendly, highly secure and great looking alternative to traditional packaging tapes.

Because of the glass fibre strand reinforcement, our water activated tapes provide another level of protection. Once water has been used to activate the adhesive, it creates a very strong seal to the carton. Because of this, cardboard boxes used in conjunction with our tape clearly display marks where the carton has been opened. Having tamper evident paper tape ensures customers will receive their goods in whole, not being removed whilst in transit. 

For any company, this tape clearly shows customers your dedication to being environmentally friendly through eco-friendly packaging. As this tape is 100% recyclable and made from high quality kraft paper, it provides a high security, quality eco friendly alternative to traditional plastic packing tapes.

With our range of professional gummed-paper tape dispensers, we can offer higher production rates, and reduced fatigue, with either large capacity dispensers, or smaller desktop ones. 

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