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Ribtec is an innovative, robust, easy to store and highly protective alternative to bubblewrap. It is ideal for using on high value, vulnerable goods. Find out more of the benefits here.

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Ribtec packaging is an innovative, robust, easy to store and highly protective alternative to bubblewrap. Essentially, Ribtec Packaging is made up of air filled tubes that can be inflated. Even though it sounds simple, it is highly effective. This packaging material offers an innovative protective solution that takes up less storage space and saves money. It is ideal for using on high value, vulnerable goods.

The main advantages of this product are clear, and we have detailed them below: 

  1. Protected Products: Impacts during transit and rough handling are one of the biggest causes of customer complaints. Ribtec offers the perfect solution, providing the ultimate protection. Unlike with bubble wrap, packaging peanuts and paper fill, the product is unable to move within its box. Goods are braced away from the edges of the rigid outer packaging and surrounded by a comfy “cushion”.
  2. Cost Reduction: One of the first questions everybody asks is “will air packaging save on overall costs?” The short answer is yes, as Ribtech packaging is very light and therefore adds very little, if any addition weight to parcels. The other cost saving is the reduced number of parcels damaged in transit, which everyone knows can be a big problem.
  3. Convenience: Ribtec is filled (inflated) on demand. Therefore, it requires less floor space in your warehouse! Furthermore, Ribtec is available in different sizes and you are able to customise each product’s protection easily. This reduces the need for multiple layers of packaging protection.
  4. Ease of Use: We understand that reducing waste is an essential factor in every business, and Ribtec can unquestionably contribute to this. Customers will appreciate a easy opening experience, along with less mess and easy disposing. The common alternative, packaging peanuts, are messy and thanks to static electricity stick to EVERYTHING!
  5. Eco-Friendly Alternative: Packaging peanuts and Styrofoam materials that are made of various dyes are, in most cases, not recyclable. In fact, many disposal companies won’t even accept packaging peanuts! This is a result of the complexity of disposal and their harmful effects on the environment. However, air packaging is very easy to dispose of. Made of HDPE film, a recyclable material, it causes minimal impact on the environment compared to other packaging alternatives.

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The options we offer for this product are as below: 

  • 100mm x 120mm Bag : Use for mugs or small ornaments
  • 115mm x 125mm Bag: For 1ltr tins or similar sized objects
  • 160mm x 180mm Bag: For 2.5ltr tins or similar sized objects
  • 180mm x 230mm Bag: For 5ltr tins or similar sized objects
  • 240mm x 420mm Bag: Use for glass or plastic bottles
  • 300mm x 300m Roll: Ribtec on a roll – cut to length and inflate to protect any size of product, from large machines to books. Also available in a 750mm x 300m roll.
  • 18″x 12″ x 12″ Box Liner: A 2-part system, Ribtec box lining for larger items or general protective lining.

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