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Warehouses all across UK use Strapping Machines every day to apply flat plastic strap or steel strapping to a wide range of packed products. Adding strapping to your parcels is beneficial as it adds another element of security to your parcels.

Types of strapping machine

Strapping machines come in two main types; semi-automatic strapping machines and fully automatic strapping machines. On the semi-automatic type, the strap is manually fed around the items before being automatically tensions and sealed. This allows items of various sizes to be strapped with a strong heat welded seal that eliminated the need for metal clips.

The fully automatic strapping machine is used when banding items of similar sizes, such as regular boxes of bundling magazines. It has a speed of up to 27 cycles per minute, operated by foot pedal or console button. This makes it more suitable for a high volume production line. On this machine, the strap is automatically fed around the product and then sealed.

However, choosing the right type of strapping is essential. Click here for our trusted guide on what strapping is best for you. We offer a comprehensive range, from PET, to Hot Melt.

Once you have chosen the best type of strapping, feel free to call our office on 01733 233322 so that we can find the best strapping machine for you.


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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine TMS300, Fricton Weld Battery Powered Tool

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