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Which Strapping do you need? We stock a number of different variations of strapping:

  • Polyester – this is suitable for heavy-duty applications and for larger items, machines and pallets. This strap is the HSE friendly alternative to the traditional steel strap.
  • Polyprop – this is the general all-purpose plastic strapping for pallets and parcels. It is the most common, and is often the easy, ‘cheap’ strap that people choose, without considering alternatives that could work out to be better and more effective in the long run. Therefore we recommend reading the benefits of the other strapping options we have before making your purchase.
  • Hotmelt – the best option for use on finished timber, scaffolding and other round products. It is flexible, strong and non-abrasive.
  • Steel – this is the traditional heavy-duty strap for metal products and machines, where strength and abrasion resistance is neccessary. It can often be swapped out with PET or woven polyester to reduce health and safety implications.
  • Woven Polyester – this is mainly applicable for businesses such as timber mills, as is has a slight coating, yet is soft, flexible and non-abrasive.
  • Composite – ideal for use on building supplies such as bricks, as it is rigid and strong.
  • Softex Woven – the best choice for use on white or finished goods due to the fact it is a natural pure material and has a decorative finish.
  • Bale Press – strapping for bale press machines, commonly used to compress recyclable materials being sent for recycling.

For more information on the type of plastic strapping most suitable for your business, please click here.

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