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Tissue paper is mostly useful as a display packaging or as protective packaging.

One example of it being a display packaging is that it is used by retailers to ensure that customers get the best experience possible. However, it is also ideal for Bridal shops using it to protect the dress when it is being transported. It adds a high-end finishing touch and protects the product yet also looks well presented.

Comes in a wide range of colours; white, blue, green & red.


It is ideal for wrapping crockery and ornaments as either display packaging or protective packaging. It also provides a more environmentally-friendly option for gift wrap compared to standard wrapping paper.

However, we also sell the acid-free version. This means that the paper is specifically processed without certain agents, whereas standard tissue paper is made with agents that can turn acidic over time. This is specifically useful for wrapping any clothing (e.g. wedding dresses) as if you use the standard version it can tarnish any metal on the garment (such as zips or buckles) and may corrode the fabric if it is stored in the tissue paper long term. Items such as jewellery, fabric, crockery, ornaments and antiques are also very well suited to this type of paper.

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450x700mm, 500x750mm


White Cap, White Acid-Free, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Red, Cerise


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