Water Activated Paper Tape


Water activated paper tape (aka gummed tape or kraft paper tape) is one of the most eco-friendly parcel packing tapes on the market. Using reinforced fibers in the tape makes it remarkably strong and as a result of this, it is excellent at keeping your parcels intact. You may have noticed this type of packing tape on Amazon e-commerce parcels delivered to your home or business.

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Uses of Water Activated Paper Tape

Everyone knows that exporting puts parcels through the toughest of tests – whilst its hustled from here to there, crammed into corners and piled onto pallets on boats or planes. However, WAT tape triumphs these tests and delivers your parcels in pristine condition.

Comparison With Stanadard Packing Tapes

If you have previously used standard packing tape, you may know that they use a pressure-sensitive adhesive. This means that they only stick to the parcel when you apply pressure.

However, moisture, dust or extreme temperatures can affect the seal of the tape. This means that the tape just stays tacky throughout its service life, but if the carton is made from low-grade corrugated, isn’t fully flat, or has a space behind the tape seal, the adhesive will struggle to keep stuck to the carton. Over time, or if exposed to extremes of temperature or moisture, the adhesive will lose its tackiness. This means that the cartons will no longer be secure as the seal splits.

In contrast, our water activated paper tape adhesive becomes semi-liquid when moistened and soaks into the carton’s fibers, so that it dries and essentially becomes an integral part of the cardboard.

It is almost impossible to reactivate, requiring so much moisture to do so that the carton itself would be destroyed.

Care For The Environment.

Not only is this kraft paper tape more secure, it is also recycleable. Being eco-friendly is important as it results in a packaging strategy that is 100% recycleable and sits better with today’s eco sensitive public as well.

As this type of gummed tape is water activated and almost impossible to re-seal it provides you with a tamper-evident seal. This provides extra security and you with peace of mind that your packaging is the best quality possible.

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Electric Dispensing System, Manual Dispensing System, 48mmx200m W.A.T Paper Tape, 70mmx200m W.A.T Paper Tape, 48mm x 100m Reinforced W.A.T Paper Tape, 70mm x 100m Reinforced W.A.T Paper Tape

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