Water Activated Tape


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Water Activated Tape, also called Gummed Paper Tape, is the ideal tape for ensuring maximum parcel integrity and security.

With a glue bond rather than an sticky material, after dampening the back of the tape the adhesive penetrates into the surface of the carton and glues it solid. This means that your parcels can’t be broken into and burgled or contaminated during transit. It’s impossible to separate the tape and carton seal when applied correctly. The best way to ensure this is to use either a manual or electronic dispenser, depending on the volume of parcels that you are processing.

If no one can break in, this means that your products can’t break out during transit either. Water Activated Tape is available flat or with reinforcement strings running through it (as pictured). This version will therefore form a stronger seal on the box in terms of parcel integrity. This is also the best version to use for the dispensers. It’s stiffer and therefore less likely to jam in the machine.


Water Activated Tape, being made from paper, is more environmentally friendly than normal plastic Packing Tapes. This means that your business will be more eco-friendly as a result. The appearance of your parcels will only serve to strengthen the impression that your business will make on your customers when their parcel arrives, properly secured in an environmentally sensitive way.


In addition to all this, using Water Activated Tape is considerably quicker than using conventional plastic tapes. Instead of applying several strips, one strip of Water Activated Tape will create an impenetrable bond. This advantage, as well as the reduced risk of parcel damage, makes it a competitive product in terms of price, too.

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