Bronze Suit Plain Hangers 16″ 13g – 500/box


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Wire Hangers are ideal for Dry Cleaners and Launderettes as they are extremely economical. Therefore, they are good value for money. In addition to this, they are strong and durable which means that they don’t have to be replaced very often. They can be reused multiple times too, which is kind to the environment. Finally, they’re environmentally friendly as they’re not made out of plastic.

Having notches on the hangers is beneficial as they will hold the hanging tags on garments to stop clothes slipping off.

As the hangers are wire they will not leave marks on ironed suits. They are also shaped in the top to ensure that shirt collars remain stiff.

There has also been a trend recently for using wire hangers for crafty purposes so if you’ve got a few spare ones lying around then here are some ideas for you! Make a wire sculpture, Control your vines or tender plants, Sunglasses Storage and many, many more!

If you require hanger guards we are also able to provide these. Other dry cleaning products we are able to offer include:

  • Polythene bags
  • Wet Strength Laundry Till Rolls
  • Indelible Ink Ribbons
  • Garment Covers
  • Carrier Bags
  • Dustpic Lint Rollers
  • Wedding Dress Rollers

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Galvanised Notched 16" 13g, Galvanised Plain Suit Hangers 16" 13g, Bronze Notched 16" 13g, Bronze Plain Suit Hangers 16" 13g, White Notched 16" 13g, White Plain Suit Hangers 16" 13g, Shirt Hangers 18" 14.5g


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