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How To Protect Your Products During Delivery

By 16/02/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

Damaged packages is a huge disappointment for your customer, no matter how easy the buying process was, how friendly customer service were and how quickly the order was delivered – if the package arrives damaged, whether the product is broken or not, it will make the customer think twice before using you again in the future.

We know that damaged packaged immediately hurts the brand or business shipping the product and we don’t want our clients brands and businesses to be damaged, which is why we always offer the highest quality packaging materials, however we also know that even the highest quality packaging can still get damaged and this is why we have put together some guidelines for protecting your products and packaging during delivery, because we want our clients to make their customers happy;

When packaging your orders and products presume that the delivery service will toss, kick, drop, shove, throw and stack your package – this may not always happen but you need to prepare your packages for the worst, so they can arrive with your customers in the best possible condition.

While handling instructions such as ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’ are great to put on your packages, you need to imagine that they will not be read or noticed by staff throughout the delivery of your package. They are good to have on the packages so the customer can see you have put some thought into it and they may be seen by someone in the delivery process, but these instructions alone cannot be relied upon for safe transportation and delivery of your items.

Make sure that every item you put into your packaging is securely packed. Imagine your foot in a show, the shoe is the box around the outside; the foot is the product in the box. Firstly you would make sure that the shoe fits your foot, in the same way you would select the packaging that fits the size of the product, but without socks you may notice damage to your foot, in the way of rubs, marks and blisters – so you wear socks for added protection.

It’s the same with a product in a cardboard box; the socks in this case are things like plastic peanuts, bubble wrap or other similar shock absorbing and protecting packaging materials that will stop your product from rubbing inside the box and causing damage to the product or the packaging.

You always need to choose the best quality packaging materials on the inside and out, because it doesn’t matter how well you package an item, if the cardboard is flimsy or the packaging paper thin, then the packaging will rip and damage will be caused to the products, or they may not even arrive with the receiver.

It’s a great idea to think of the environment and re-use old packaging to lower your carbon footprint on the earth, but you need to make sure that the packaging materials still offer protection and that they are intact and clean. If you are in any doubt throw the packaging away to be recycled and get some new packaging instead, to ensure your customer receives the best quality packaging for their order.

If you need help with your packaging then please feel free to give us a call, we would be only too happy to help.