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The simple and easy way to dispose of any soiled waste or infected garments

SaniBag provides a means of safely and securely disposing of soiled, contaminated or clinical non-sharps waste without the risk of spreading infection or contamination during the disposal process. By using SaniBag to dispose of any waste, you will decrease the liklihood of contaminating surfaces, clothing or people that would otherwise come into contact with the item or any liquids and odours that it might give off.

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SaniBag Sanitary Disposal Bags

What industries should use SaniBag?

Why should I use SaniBag?

Who Can use SaniBag?

SaniBag can be used in any industry where non-sharp contaminated and clinical waste can be found. They include, but are not limited to: Nursing, Patient care, Elderly care, and Hospitals. Typical applications include disposal of contaminated clothing, disposable gloves, facemasks, right through to soiled incontinence pads.

If you deal with or come into contact with sanitary waste or contaminated items, such as gloves or clothing, then SaniBag is the perfect solution for you. SaniBag can be issued to individual patients,  Ward Nurses, Home-visit nurses, and Surgery Doctors to self contain any soiled or contaminated items, prior to safe disposal.

The SaniBag system allows for quick and easy containment of Clinical waste. By using SaniBag, you can secure any contaminated items from spreading infection to any other surfaces, items or personnel whilst being disposed of. SaniBag also self-contains any liquids and odours given of by the item that you wish to dispose of.

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Now available with a unique dispenser system!

The SaniBag Dispenser has been designed for quick and easy access, to ensure that your pack of Sanibags are never hard to find.

The Dispenser comes with a range of fixing options, to allow it to be mounted either to a bed frame, table, chair or wall. This means that your pack of saniBags is out of the way, and always accessible to allow safe disposal of soiled gloves between appointments, for example.

Made of Stainless Steel, the SaniBag Dispenser is easy to clean and disinfect, to prevent it from harbouring any nasties that are not welcome.

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