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Low cost disposable Full Face Visors for protection from projectile infection

SaniShield provides a protective, transparent physical barrier between you and everything in front of you. This means you can see the patient clearly but will be protected from any airborne infection that is likely to be transmitted by coughs or sneezes. By wearing your SaniShield whilst working on the ward, in people’s houses, or even in populous areas such as warehouses, you not only are shielded from airborne contamination, but you also have a physical barrier to prevent you form touching your face and transmitting infection to your body.

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What industries should use SaniShield?

Why should I use SaniShield?

how do i use my SaniShield?

SaniShield can be used in any industry where people are required to work in close contact, or are at risk from projectile infection. They include, but are not limited to: Nursing, Patient care, Elderly care, and Hospitals, and even extend to Warehouses, Factories and Production lines. Typical environments would be hospitals, or in care facilities to prevent infection transmission. this is likewise in any of the aforementioned environments.

If you deal with or come into contact with infected or venerable persons, then SaniShield is a necessary requirement for you to use. SaniShield can be issued to Ward Nurses, Home-visit nurses, and Surgery Doctors to prevent infection from external projectile infection, or to individual patients to create an additional barrier for any infection that they may make airborne.

SaniShield is a simple kit-form Full Face Visor with 4 basic components. To prepare it, you simple feed the strap through the slots, then thread it through the buckle. Push the tabs on the visor through the slots on the peak, and place it over your head. Pull the straps tight, and your ready to go! Every SaniShield is provide with an infographic instruction sheet for ease of communication.

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Features of the SaniShield

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Full Face Visor giving a protective area of 200mm x 180mm
Soft woven strap with buckle to secure the headpiece
White peak to hold the viosr in place
Visor held securely in place with tabs that allow for super-quick assembly time