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Save Money On Packaging For Mailing Products

By 09/01/2018March 2nd, 2018No Comments

Save Money On Packaging For Mailing Products

Here at Eastpac we take pride in offering cost effective solutions to packaging to help save our clients money. This is often down to our affordable packaging that we have available. However, we would also like to share one big top tip with you so you can save money on with Royal Mail when mailing products to your customers and clients.

The measurement for a ‘small package’ with Royal Mail is 45cm in length, 35cm in depth, 16cm in width and a 2kg weight limit. These limits must not be exceeded so why not use a cardboard box that is just smaller than these measurements to ensure that your packages stay in the ‘small packages’ category. This will therefore cost you less to send them; saving you money and your customers money too.

If you have a few items that you need to send to the same client, then why not package them together and use our protective air packaging to protect the products from damage during transportation? Plus the protective packaging is air filled, so there will be no additional weight added to the overall package.

We feel that the ‘un-boxing experience’ isn’t just the latest buzz word or trend. We feel it really can make a big difference to the way a customer feels when they receive their order from your business. Why not add coloured tissue paper of your brand, seal the package with a branded sticker or even wrap the product with a ribbon of your brand colour.

These small touches make your customer feel happy and cherished by you; which in turn will make them more likely to recommend you to others, talk about your products and packaging but also order from you again in the future.

When looking for custom parcel boxes or any other kind of packaging in Peterborough or across the Uk, why not call the team at Eastpac. With over two decades of packaging experience we will help ensure that you have the right packaging for your products, business, client and budget.