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Ribtec Packaging

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A single layer of Ribtec will give an inflated air cushion 25mm thick. With a thicker polythene skin than is normal in air cushion products, Ribtec can be inflated to a higher pressure than other products, until each column is almost solid and will hold it’s pressure for over 3 months.


Ribtec’s thick skin also offers high protection against scuffs and punctures. In the event of a column deflating, the density of the columns prevent the area behind the deflated column from becoming damaged. By using Securapac Ribtec, Clients have been able to drastically reduce damage and returns rates, and therefore reduce reworking costs.


If you have expensive products that are venerable to damage, then it makes sense to protect against extra cost by protecting your products. Ribtec can offer you just that, whilst being inflated on demand means that your storage requirements are drastically reduced compared to other protective wrapping products. Add the fact that it’s recyclable, and you have the most logical solution for your protective packaging needs.

Securapac Ribtec is an innovative, robust, easy-to-store and highly protective alternative to bubblewrap, made from recyclable polythene. It’s best used on high value and fragile, vunerable products