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Premium Machine Pallet Wrap Film

A modern, eco-friendly stretch film for pallet wrapping machines


Why should you use Sigmawrap instead of conventional machine palletwrap?

Sigmawrap™ is a uniquely formulated nanofilm for machine pallet wrapping. Made from an industry-leading 55 layers for maximum load stability, Sigmawrap is one of the strongest, lightest machine films available. It is this unique structure that gives Sigmawrap™ significant benefits over conventional five-layer PPS films. Despite reducing overall film thickness in comparison to conventional films, load stability is significantly increased. Sigmawrap™ achieves unrivalled performance levels in load stabilisation & puncture resistance.

Improved efficiency

Sigmawrap increases load stability, reduces film waste, and saves you money. Case studies have proven savings of around 20% compared to conventional inferior films.

Environmentally Friendly

Sigmawrap reduces the film’s weight by 35%, which directly translates to a 35% reduction in plastic waste. Longer, more efficient rolls offer a carbon footprint reduction of 30%. This demonstrates that your company  cares responsibility for the environment.

Improved Strechability

1 metre piece of Sigma wrap will stretch up to 4 times its own length making your loads easier to wrapping and a tighter fit.

We estimate a saving of 15% by switching to Sigmawrap, which is excellent!

I.T.Operations Manager

We wrap objects with sharp corners, and Sigmawrap proved to be very strong despite being thinner. Brilliant development in stretchfilms!

JamesDistribution Centre Manager
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What makes Sigmawrap a Superior Machine Stretch Film?

35% Longer Rolls

Sigmawrap™ offers longer rolls than conventional Machine palletwrap rolls, whilst remaining at the industry standard 16kg to ensure compatibility with different machines.

55 Layer Construction

Sigmawrap™ is manufactured from 55 microscopic layers of material, compared to just 5 layers in conventional machine palletfilms. This gives incredible puncture resistance, which is perfect for containing loads with sharp corners.

400% PPS Capacity

Sigmawrap™ has the capacity to run at 400% Power Pre Stretch, which is an additional 100% compared to conventional 300% PPS films. This means that each metre of film on the roll yields 5 metres on the pallet instead of 4. This is an excellent cost-saving function.

Much Lighter Film

Sigmawrap™'s unique blend of lightweight film with superior strength allows you to reduce your plastic usage by 35% without compromising the strength of the wrap. If anything, the wrap will be stronger than your current film!!

High Volume Applications

Sigmawrap™is the ultimate solution for high volume power pre-stretch film applications. From semi-automatic machine applications to high speed, fully automated production facilities, Sigmawrap™ guarantees totally consistent performance and big savings throughout.

Is it worthwhile?

Revolutionise your wrapping systems! Take advantage of the benefits this new generation film will bring; only you can decide if its worthwhile, but we know it is.

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