Sigmawrap – An innovative machine Palletwrap solution for automatically wrapping.


Why should you use Sigmawarp instead of conventional palletwrap?

Sigmawrap™ is a uniquely formulated film made from 33 layers of high performance raw material components for maximum load stability and stretch capacity. It is this formulation that gives Sigmawrap™ significant benefits over conventional five layer PPS films. Whilst reducing overall thickness in comparison to conventional films, load stability increases. With 33 layers of specially formulated films, Sigmawrap™ reaches out to untouched and unrivalled performance levels in load stabilisation & puncture resistance.

Improved efficiency

Increased load stability, reduction in film waste, ease of application & significant cost reduction! Proven savings compared to conventional films of up to 40%.

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Environmentally Friendly

Sigmawrap will reduce film weights by up to a staggering 50%. Focusing on reduction of carbon footprint gives your company the cutting edge and proves your care and responsibility for the environment.

Improved Strechability

1 metre piece of Sigma wrap will stretch up to 4 times its own length making your loads easier to wrapping and a tighter fit.

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It's a great system, and the increased length and efficiency of the rolls makes complete sense to us!

BruceCompany Manager

This product is just so good! We don't need to re-order [so often] as the film lasts far longer!

GrahamDistribution Manager

I'm impressed how something so simple can be so effective.

ThomasCompany Director

It's one of those products that you think you don't need, but once you start using it there's no way you're going back!

MichaelDistribution Hub Manager

This product is the real deal.

SteveDistribution Centre Manager

Benefits of using Sigmawrap

Is it worthwhile?

Sigmawrap™ offers exceptional benefits over conventional PPS machine film. It’s unique formulation enables increased load stability, decreased waste and a reduction in film usage, offering worthwhile savings!


The benefits of Sigmawrap™ make it the ultimate solution for high volume power pre-stretch film applications. From semi-automatic machine applications to high speed production facilities, Sigmawrap™ guarantees totally consistent performance.

Sigmawrap savings?

This is your opportunity to bring a new revolutionary wrapping system to your operation. Where conventional power pre-stretch film has been the only option, you can now take advantage of the benefits this new generation film will bring.

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