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Size Matters In The Future Of Retail Packaging

By 06/12/2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

While it may be 2017 and we are all looking for more ways to do more with less, one are we have noticed that is often overlooked is retail packaging. While we are all upgrading our websites for our customers, refitting our shops, using social media, cool apps and seamless ecommerce websites… we are also still using the default packaging sizes we used to over 40 years ago?

In many businesses today the retail packaging used is based on the default sizes that were created in the 1970s and 1980s by manufacturers, but as times have changed it seems these sizes haven’t changed.

Here at Eastpac we feel that size matters when it comes to the future of retail packaging and this is why we work closely with our clients to review their packaging, to see what they do and how it can be improved to create a cohesive packaging solution and enhances the consumer experience.

For example, we know from working with retail clothes companies that in summer clothes tend to be smaller than clothes in winter and use different fabrics due to the time of the year too; this means different sized packaging can be used in the summer than in the winter.

By using the same packaging all year round you’ll find a summer dress being thrown around in a large box so it arrives with the customer in a crumpled ball, or a thick woolly jumper crammed into a tiny box and it has to be yanked out of the retail packaging by the customer which doesn’t really create a ‘feel-good’ experience for the customer on receipt of their order.

Then you can take the customer experience one step further; if a customer is ordering a summer product they will be looking forward to the sunshine or warmer climates so why not make the retail packaging reflect this with bright colours, sunshine, beach scenes and similar. While the winter clothes could be in autumnal colours or with snowflakes and similar ‘winter themed’ images.

Here at Eastpac Group we sell as lot of boxes, bags and other retail packaging materials and we have worked with a lot of companies to help streamline their packaging to create a better consumer experience for their customers.

Contact us now to see how we can help you.