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Resistant and secure strapping for businesses in Cambridge

Are you a business that often transports products? Have you been looking for a way to ensure your goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition? Well, if you’re based in Cambridge, Eastpac may have the solution for you. Our resistant and ‘tough’ strapping is ideal for commercial and industrial businesses wishing to secure their goods.

When transporting your products, it is essential to make sure they won’t move during transit. However, we often find businesses failing to secure packaging or pallets during transportation or storage. Simply using tape or packaging accessories. This means they are free to moves and potentially fall.

But, by using strapping, you can ensure the security of your products – regardless if they are heavy-duty or fragile. Strapping is a useful preventative material that will reduce the chance items becoming damaged. That is why we actively promote our durable and robust straps to businesses in Cambridge.

Steel, Woven and plastic strapping for Cambridge businesses

We stock an extensive stock of strapping. Why? As each material is suited for a different use! For example, polypropylene (plastic) strapping is ideal for fragile or lighter items. Whereas, steel alternatives are best suited to much more substantial, bulkier products.

But, regardless of what goods you wish to secure, we can guarantee your items will remain in one place, but most importantly protected.

Cost-effective banding, strapping kits and seals

Also known as banding, strapping can provide you with peace of mind your items are reinforced. So, whatever the journey may entail, you can be sure your cargo is held.

So, if you’re a business in Cambridge who believes they will benefit from strapping – get in touch! Our experts can provide you with more information about the different strapping materials we offer. As well as offering advice on which banding is best suited to your products/operation. So contact Eastpac’s team today.