For Parcels and Pallets


Which strapping is right for your needs?

The products you pack, the way you pack them and how you ship all make a difference to the strapping that you need. Here’s how to find the right one:

Polypropylene strapping (also Plastic / PP strapping)

Polyester Strapping (also PET strapping)

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  • General all-purpose strapping for pallets and parcels
  • Often considered the easy and cheap option, but alternatives may be better
  • Available in many colours
  • Available in many strengths and thicknesses
  • Breaking strains up to 450kg
  • Roll Lengths up to 2,000m
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  • Suitable for Heavy duty applications such as machinery and metalwork
  • Can be stronger than steel strapping
  • A Cost-effective much safer alternative to steel
  • Available in green or black
  • Available smooth or embossed
  • Breaking Strains up to 850kg
  • Roll Lengths up to 3,200m

Did you know that the wrong seal can reduce your breaking strain by up to 80%?


Steel Strapping

Hotmelt Cord Polyester

  • Traditional heavy duty strap for machinery and metalwork
  • Good for strength and abrasion resistance
  • Can often be replaced with Polyester or Woven Polyester to reduce safety hazards
  • Available in Ribbon or Mill Wound
  • Available Zinc Coated or Black Steel
  • Breaking Strains up to 2040kg
  • Roll Lengths up to 1010m Mill Wound
  • Best choice for finished timber
  • Suitable for scaffolding and other rounded products
  • Flexible, strong and non-abrasive
  • White
  • Breaking strains up to 950kg
  • Roll Lengths up to 1,500m

Softex Woven Cord Polyester

Composite Polyester Strapping

  • Very popular with timber mills due to a slight resistant coating
  • very soft, flexible and non-abrasive
  • Breaking strains up to 2,000kg
  • Roll lengths up to 1,100m
  • Popular choice for abrasive surfaces such as bricks
  • Rigid and Strong, with abrasion resistant coating
  • High rigidity for through-pallet feeding
  • Breaking strains up to 1400kg
  • Roll lengths up to 1,100m

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