What’s your name for this product?

Clingwrap, stretchwrap, palletwrap........ It gets called lots of names, but its basic function is to keep goods securely on a pallet during transit.
So is all palletwrap the same?
There are many variations, and lots more being developed/ introduced to meet the environmental demand.



Pallet Wrap clear and black rolls



How do I choose the correct palletwrap for me? It’s not a simple rule, but there are basic facts that will determine your choice:

• Weight of goods being wrapped
• Any sharp angles on the goods being wrapped
• Would the goods benefit from being hidden from view during transit
• The volume of goods being wrapped
• Are the goods being exported
Although clear and black are the more popular options, strechwrap is also available in other colours. They can of course be custom printed this is subject to minimum runs.
Whilst the hand palletwrap is possibly the more common version, the use of a rotary or orbital wrapper, or the latest Robo wrapper should be explored to maximise both efficiency and security.

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Hand Stretchwrap

Basic & versatile. Suitable for small users, but also used in large volumes where a static pallet wrapper doesn’t suit. You can use with a dispenser, for simply have extended cores on each roll.

Pre-stretched Strechwrap

With different percentages of pre-stretch available, this are design to reduce the amount used, and provide an even tighter wrap. As you get more meterage per roll, it also reduces storage and transport costs.

Machine Stretchwrap

This needs to be matched to your machine and product carefully to maximise efficiency.  The use of a rotary or orbital wrapper reduces the amount of wrap used to secure pallets, as well as wrapping tighter & more securely.


Sometimes called mini- stretchwrap, this small 100mm wide version is ideal for bundling small items together, securing items such as furniture or wrapping unusually shaped items.

Pallet Wrap Rolls