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Secure and durable pallet wrap for businesses in Peterborough

Cling film, pallet wrap, stretch wrap, regardless of how you refer to it, pallet wrap is a practical, functional and secure material. That is why we actively promote our versatile stretch film to commercial and industrial businesses in Peterborough.

Our range of pallet wrap and other wrapping supplies offer businesses an efficient to any shipping movement or storage issues.

Eastpac can supply several pallet wrap solutions, including mini, machine, and hand-stretch and pre-stretched. All of which can help your business maximise its efficiency and the security of its products. Therefore, if you’re searching for competitively priced solutions that still offer quality results, we can deliver.

Machine, mini or pre-stretched pallet wrap for multiple purposes

There are numerous benefits of using pallet wrap. One of the most significant is to secure your goods during transit. We can ensure that they remain together regardless of what the journey entails. Also, other advantages include the protection it offers from dust, rust and moisture. This alternative strapping is cost-effective and requires less human resources.

Our packaging specialists will help you determine that pallet wrap that is best for  your operation. Therefore, you will be guaranteed effective and reliable results every time.

Custom printed pallet wrap for industrial and commercial businesses in Peterborough

Furthermore, even though pallet wrap is most prevalent in clear and black options, it is also available in a variety of colours.

To ensure brand guidelines throughout every aspect of your business – custom printing is also an option. Depending on the amount required, we could print your logo onto your pallet wrap. Therefore, you can create a bespoke pallet wrap that advertises your business.

So, if you’re a business based in Peterborough that is looking to enhance the security of your goods, pallet wrap is perfect for you. So, contact our team and discover the full advantages of the stretch film and pallet wrap we offer. We are only a call away.