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Protect your goods with secure pallet wrap for businesses in Spalding

Are you looking for an affordable yet high-quality solution that ensures your products remain together? Let us introduce you to pallet wrap. Here at Eastpac, we stock an extensive range of our practical, functional and secure pallet wrap to businesses in and around Spalding.

Whether you’re a commercial or industrial business, we have a range of pallet wraps and other wrapping supplies. We can offer you an efficient solution to any shipping movement or storage issue.

Eastpac can supply several pallet wrap solutions, including mini, machine, and hand-stretch and pre-stretched. All of which can help your business maximise its efficiency and the security of its products.

Machine, mini or pre-stretched pallet wrap for multiple purposes

Pallet wrap can often get mistaken for shrink film; however, they are different. Unlike shrink-wrap, pallet wrap has the same qualities as a rubber band. It can stretch out and pull back in. Thereofre, making it unique compared to other types of plastic wrapping.

Therefore, there are numerous benefits to using pallet wrap. Your goods will remain secure during transit or storage, plus they will be protected from elements such as dust, rust and moisture. This alternative to strapping is cost-effective and requires minimal human resources.

Custom printed pallet wrap for industrial and commercial businesses in Spalding

Furthermore, even though pallet wrap is most prevalent in clear and black options, it is also available in a variety of colours.

However, to ensure brand guidelines throughout every aspect of the business – custom printing is also an option. Depending on the amount required we could print your logo onto your bespoke pallet wrap. You will be able to advertise your business with every delivery.

So, if you’re a business based in Spalding and you would like to know more about pallet wrap contact one of our experts today.