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Secure your items and pallets together with our Pallet Wrap for businesses in Stamford

Clingfilm, pallet wrap or stretch wrap, there are many names! But, regardless of how you refer to it, pallet wrap is practical, functional and secure. That is why we actively promote our versatile pallet wrap to businesses in Stamford.

Our wide selection of pallet wrap, stretch film, and other wrapping supplies offer businesses an efficient solution to any shipping movements or storage issues.

Eastpac stock several pallet wrap solutions including mini, machine, hand stretch and pre-stretched pallet wrap. All of which aid you in maximising efficiency and security. Therefore, we can offer competitive prices, yet still reliable and high-quality results.

Machine, mini or pre-stretched pallet wrap for multiple purposes

Whether you are transporting a single pallet or a complete container load, your choice of pallet wrap can have a significant impact on the condition and safe delivery of your goods. That is why we offer guidance and advice on which variation best suits your requirements. Our team take into account the weight and volume of goods being wrapped, any sharp angles, and other important factors.

These basic facts help us determine which type is best suited to your operation so you can be guaranteed effective and reliable results every time.

Custom printed pallet wrap for industrial and commercial businesses in Stamford

Additionally, even though pallet wrap in most popular in clear and black options, it is also available in a variety of colours.

Also, to ensure brand guidelines are upheld throughout every aspect of your business – custom printing is also an option. Depending on the size of the run, we can print your logo onto your pallet wrap. Therefore, you can create a bespoke pallet wrap for your business.

So, if you’re a Stamford based business that is looking to enhance the security of your goods – pallet wrap is perfect for you. Contact our team and discover the full advantages of the stretch film and pallet wrap we offer.