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Protective pallet wrap for businesses in Wellingborough

Are you a business in Wellingborough? Are you searching for a reliable yet cost-effective way to ensure items remain secure during transit? Well, let us introduce you to Eastpac’s pallet wrap.

We understand that sometimes we cannot predict what a journey may entail. That is why it is essential to ensure your goods are secure and protected for whatever may happen. Therefore, supply an extensive range of practical, durable and protective pallet wrap to businesses. You can have peace of mind that your product will arrive at their destination in undamaged.

Cling film, wrapping or stretch film. Regardless of what your businesses refers to it as pallet wrap is an efficient solution to any shipping movement or storage issues. That is why we actively promote our competitively priced, versatile stretch wrap solutions to businesses in Wellingborough.

Pallet wrapping machines and stretch film supplies for commercial and industrial businesses.

We also acknowledge the numerous health and safety issues which surround wrapping pallet by hand. Therefore, we are proud to offer our customers an innovative pallet wrapping machine – GRIPfilm. Our revolutionary stretch film dispenser works alongside our self-gripping pallet wrap. Workers can see reducution in health and safety risks. For example, bending, walking backwards and cutting hands.

Not only that, but GRIPfilm also help reduce plastic usage by 40%! No longer will employees spend time on wrapping good by hand. Instead, products can be ready in no time at all. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Custom printed pallet wrap for businesses in Wellingborough

Pallet wrap is an essential material for many commercial and industrial businesses. It not only secures items down for whatever the journey brings, but also, acts as a protective layer against rust, dust and other elements.

So, if you’re a business based in Bourne, that is searching for a high-quality product for an affordable price, get in touch with Eastpac today! Our packaging specialists will help you determine the pallet wrap for your operation. Therefore, you can be guaranteed effective and reliable results every time.